About Us


Glam Hair Packs has a in-person beauty supply store, and we have an online based store for customers not located within Minnesota. We design each order made by the customer’s request, this means each length, size of wig cap, type of hair and even the custom color is all designed by the customer. We provide a color chart of over 30 colors formats, which ranges from your standard dye to the most unique color. If there is a specific color not listed, we have a suggestion toolbox for upcoming dyes that can be considered.

Our Mission

Come on Ladies! We all have this very problem, finding a wig that fits our needs. That is why Glam Hair Packs LLC mission is to make it easier for customers to design their own wig at a low cost. What drives Glam Hair Packs LLC is each wig is made to order, with the additional premium package we are offering up beauty products to complete your look. Glam Hair Packs LLC is here to ensure that each order is efficiently prepared. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to click the “Contact Us” tab as we promise to answer any questions that you may have regarding our products and services.

Meet the Owner

“My name is Andrea. I am an African American woman who was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Minnesota. I am an energetic, fun, loving person, who prides myself on helping others. For over 15 years i have been skilled in braiding hair and customizing my own wigs. I established Glam Hair Packs LLC in 2016 and based my company out the state of Minnesota. Glam Hair Packs LLC is here to define your ideas by giving you customization options, with the hair length, style, and coloring selections that you desire. As our brand concept began to develop, & continue grow, we our confident that we would become the top leading custom hair wig supplier. We strive in researching the best hair vendors available to make sure our custom wigs are high quality, with also providing a reasonable price to our customers. As the industry continues to grow, our search for ongoing hair suppliers is endless, as Glam Hair Packs LLC is here to maintain high end quality with all of the competitors around.”